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Everyone loves a laser

It’s been really interested to watch how the recently published Environment Agency (EA) LIDAR data has been seized on by a variety of communities to create interesting, fun and useful tools. For many people, myself included, learning about LIDAR has been

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A year in open data: How ODI paved the way for a stronger data infrastructure in 2015

At the ODI, we work with external partners to shape, create and promote the social, environmental and economic benefits that open data can… Continue reading on Medium »

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“Building useful open data” in Ants’ playground

… or at least what we think about it. Continue reading on Medium »

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October / November ’15 Report from the Data Infrastructure Team

Hi Folks, Welcome to our new regular report which will capture a broader work program including: data.gov.au; the NationalMap; the work we are doing on the Open Data Network; data skills and capability development across the APS; and any other

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Making data a public asset through infrastructure

Government has always run on data. It drives internal operations, public-facing services and informs policy. Over time, an ecosystem of applications and technologies which store, manage, and access that data has developed. It includes spreadsheets, published PDFs, large databases, and

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Comment: What would a locked-down data future look like?

This is the second in a blog series discussing potential data futures and how they affect data infrastructure. The first in the series outlines why we are considering three potential data futures In this blog we consider a locked-down future,

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Aim to be boring: lessons for data infrastructure

“Anything you think is infrastructure probably isn’t – infrastructure that is useful is invisible” Image: The M1 motorway, UK by kevinofsydney, CC-BY 2.0 Recently we met up with Geoff Bilder, Director of Strategic Initiatives at CrossRef. We discussed data infrastructure,

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How will the future affect our data infrastructure?

At the ODI we’ve been thinking about our data infrastructure and how different future scenarios will affect it As billions more people come online, what will our data future look like? CC BY 2.0, uploaded by Japanexperterna.se. It can be

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Who owns our data infrastructure?

Data is the raw material that will help us meet 21st century challenges: to reduce friction in our economy, increase our sustainability and create opportunities to innovate. Our data infrastructure is as important as our physical infrastructure. A strong data

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What should the UK’s Chief Data Officer do in their first 100 days?

Ok I am making an assumption that there is going to be a CDO but bear with me on that. Will a CDO be the saviour of data in the UK? Here is a starter for ten list: Work out

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