Open Data Camp

Open Data Camp is a two-day, weekend event, entirely devoted to Open Data.

It loosely follows the ‘Unconference‘ format:

    • There is an unconference
    • There is story-telling
    • There is networking
    • There is cake

There’s a post with the background here.

Events are being held across the UK. So far, Open Data Camp has visited:

  1. Winchester, Feb 2015
  2. Manchester, Oct 2015
  3. Bristol, May 2016
  4. Cardiff, Feb 2017

We’re currently planning number 5, which will be in Belfast on 21/22 October 2017

See the Open Data Camp web site for details and guidance for potential hosts.

People ‘pitch’ sessions to each other. Here’s a short recording taken from the livestream of session pitching at Open Data Camp 1 in Winchester