Who Is Using Local Spending Data

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Here’s some of the results of my survey of English Local Authorities on Open Data (£500 spending). You can also see it as a pdf Survey of English Local Authorities on Open Data

Conducted: April-October 2013 via online survey (BOS)

Population: 102 (2 x excluded)

1.     What type of transparency information is of most interest to users?

user interest

2. Which group or groups are the primary users of the data?


primary user pie chart



3. How would you characterise the level of use of the spending data?

q3 use level


4. What type of transparency will this data create?

q4 type of rans

 5. What type of transparency will this data create?


 q5 barriers


Pageviews of Spending Data on Selected Local Authority Websites January-December 2012[1]

Council Type Page Views per month (average)
District 35
District 87
District 99
District 341
Borough 355
District 437
City 450
District 528
District 610
District 636
City 2021


Comparative Visits for January 2012 on government and non-government Open Data sites

Site Visits per month
Local Council Average 200
Police.uk 540, 609
Data.gov.uk 161,101
TheyWorkForYou 200-300,000
WhatDoTheyKnow 100-200,000

(Police.uk: Data.gov.uk: Esche 2011)

For more details

Worthy, Ben, ‘David Cameron’s Transparency Revolution? The Impact of Open Data in the UK’ (November 29, 2013). Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=2361428

Worthy, Ben ‘Evidence to PASC on the Aims of Open Data’ http://data.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/WrittenEvidence.svc/EvidenceHtml/3924

Worthy, Ben ‘Evidence to PASC on the Impact of Open Data’  http://data.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/WrittenEvidence.svc/EvidenceHtml/1511




[1] Based on FOI requests to English local authorities in 2013 asking for hits/views on spending data pages of their website.

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