Who can we trust with #opendata in the UK?

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The opendata landscape is complicated as Simon Briscoe has pointed out in his excellent map.

However recently some of the players have disappeared as Giuseppe Solazzo explains and these are the groups like the Open Data User Group that in some way represented ‘data users/consumers’.

Some might argue that all will be fine now that Mike Bracken is the Chief Data Officer. However Mike is a busy man in effect with two jobs and presumably he is more likely to concentrate on projects where there is overlap between his two roles? Is it really likely that he will benevolently take a wider view across the whole of the open data landscape and drive wider change?

So who can we trust? Who is going to represent data creators, consumers and curators?

There are plenty of interested parties around such as GDS, ONS, ODI and the Cabinet Office but they clearly have their own agendas.

So I ask again who is going to represent the wider open data community?



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