We Used Toulouse Open Data Portal to Plan a One-Day Field Trip!

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After the success of our French Cheeses Map, our investigating French trains Open Data and the story of the Council of Paris, we have decided to celebrate the launch of the new Toulouse Open Data portal. To do so, we asked Bruce – our mascot – to organize a one-day field trip to the Pink City. Check it out!


Toulouse Open Data portal: an infographic

Toulouse Open Data Portal

The future of travel: cities open data portals

When writing this Open Data Weekly installment, our team has largely benefited from the numerous datasets at hand. Toulouse Metropole (the Urban Community of Greater Toulouse) opened various data ranging from census to jazz clubs. Many of these datasets are updated on a weekly basis and public transport data are even available as a real-time API.

Thanks to this richness, planning our mascot trip was easy. Data being structured and clean, we were able to build up an interactive map of the successive steps of the trip in a matter of minutes.

Want to see Bruce’s many stops? Just click on the “<” sign in the upper-right corner of the map and browse through the different thematic tabs.


To do so, we used our Cartograph tool. Cartograph allows end-users to layer multiple datasets on a map. It’s super effective when looking at cross-referencing facts and data.

For this map, we successively used:

You can click on each marker and line to access additional information (historical background, timeframe…). Of course, visitors can display several data layers at once to cross-reference them. Or they can focus on a specific dataset, like tram routes for instance. In the map above, we filtered results to only show 1920 tram routes. An embed code is automatically generated making it super easy to integrate the map on any website or in metadata.

Open Data API: build apps with city data that will always stay up-to-date

Like every portal powered by OpenDataSoft, Toulouse’s turns datasets into rest APIs. APIs allow developers to build applicative solutions around data without having to worry about data updates.

For example, every time Toulouse will update its datasets, apps will automatically sync up. More importantly, OpenDataSoft APIs are specifically designed for data to be searched and filtered. If you’re a developer and you want to play around, give them a try!

You liked these features offered by our Open Data solutions: interactive mapping, searchable data, rest API? Great, try our demo!

If you wish to open your data but are in need for hands-on tips, grab our free 10-step guide below.

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