The Winners of the Open Data Fest Created an Interactive Map of Kindergartens in Vilnius.

The Winners of the Open Data Fest Created an Interactive Map of Kindergartens in Vilnius.
The Winners of the Open Data Fest Created an Interactive Map of Kindergartens in Vilnius.

The last weekend of the Summer was devoted to Open Data enthusiasts in Vilnius. 7 teams consisting of developers, designers, data analysts, business developers and marketing specialists gathered in the arts incubator Rupert to create products that should make the life of Vilnius citizens more convenient and interesting. Various products were created starting from apps solving the rubbish pollution and parking problems to interactive map of kindergartens and tool to gather public opinion on policy matters.

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Some Facts:

Youngest Participant – 16 years old designer.

Oldest Participant – 62 years old associated professor.

Geography – Participants from Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Belarus. Team of 4 high school students travelled 300 km from Telšiai to join the hackathon.

After two days of hard work teams presented their final results and the judges picked the best ones:

1st place and portable speakers from Bitė went to Tortuga, a map visualization of detailed kindergarten data. Tortuga also won a special prize, the dinner with the Mayor Remigijus Šimašius, for the product that creates the most value for the municipality and the citizens of Vilnius.

The winning app shows the demand for free kindergarten places as well as their supply on an interactive map. Statistical data also provides useful information for policy makers as the tendencies might be used for kindergarten building plans in the future. Tortuga uses data provided by Vilnius City Municipality as well as external sources. The team is planning to include teacher-rating feature in the future.

The youngest team (averaged 17 years old) that prototyped two products – Iš (Throw It Away) and NearBy won 6 hours of consultations from for the highest business potential.

Iš (Throw It Away) is an innovative solution that helps solving the rubbish pollution problem in the city. Map presents user with the information on where various types of rubbish can be thrown away. The app uses the data provided by the Vilnius City Municipality and shows the location of 4 851 rubbish containers on an interactive map. Users can also vote on the quality of the containers, and to inform the administrator if a container becomes full.

Nearby is a mobile application that notifies its users when they reach a desired place or when a desired product becomes available nearby. The primary target user group is considered to be the tourists, who come to Vilnius, but the app can also be used as an advertising tool by the local businesses to announce their nearby offers to the people of Vilnius.

The prize for the best design and the ticket to Escape Room was devoted to, a community- based platform that seeks to improve the city.

Users can report the city problems via the app, and vote on whichever problem has to be solved first. If a user solves a problem he/she gets virtual points as well as a higher standing in the community. The platform is integrated with the API used by Vilnius City Municipality and, therefore, the municipality will also be notified about new problems. is available for both web and Android users and is integrated with Facebook.

If the Open Data Fest had nomination for the funniest product, #FindWCxVilnius would have definately won. #FindWCxVilnius is a mobile application that helps finding a toilet in Vilnius. The app is fully user interactive as users can not only find available public and private toilets on an interactive map, but also check in at a toilet, see, who of the user’s friends have visited it previously, share and rate the place. The app also offers the option to make a public selfie inside the chosen toilet.

Thank you to all participants, mentors and partners that created amazing atmosphere and spent the last weekend of the summer working hard for the better!

The Open Data Fest was organized for the third time by Enterprise Lithuania, Startup Lithuania, JPP “Kurk Lietuvai” (Create for Lithuania) and the Vilnius City Municipality.