The Open Data Song

The Open Data Song

Not to mention the new short film, “Open.” Great great stuff. Script and lyrics especially. My favorite from the song?

You may say a pdf is good enough

If they don’t like it well that’s just tough

But that’s not open

That data’s frozen

Can’t boil that ocean

Here’s a notion

Make it free


And available

The Film (about seven minutes)

The Open Data Song (acoustic)

The Open Data Song (electric)

In a post on the Sunlight Foundation’s website, you can find information about the team behind the film:

Writer/Director/Producer: Richard Pietro
Screenplay: Richard Pietro and Rick Weiss
Executive Producers: Keith Loo and Bruce Chau
Directors of Photography: Gord Poon and Mike Donis
Technical Lead: Brian Wong
Composer and Sound Engineer: GARU
Actors: Mish Tam and Julian Friday.

The song is brought to us by Keith McDonald and Sheryl’s Crush.