The Open Data Song

Not to mention the new short film, “Open.” Great great stuff. Script and lyrics especially. My favorite from the song?

You may say a pdf is good enough

If they don’t like it well that’s just tough

But that’s not open

That data’s frozen

Can’t boil that ocean

Here’s a notion

Make it free


And available

The Film (about seven minutes)

The Open Data Song (acoustic)

The Open Data Song (electric)

In a post on the Sunlight Foundation’s website, you can find information about the team behind the film:

Writer/Director/Producer: Richard Pietro
Screenplay: Richard Pietro and Rick Weiss
Executive Producers: Keith Loo and Bruce Chau
Directors of Photography: Gord Poon and Mike Donis
Technical Lead: Brian Wong
Composer and Sound Engineer: GARU
Actors: Mish Tam and Julian Friday.

The song is brought to us by Keith McDonald and Sheryl’s Crush.

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