The Internet of data, analytics and Things

The Internet of data, analytics and Things

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From new regulations governing data use for financial firms, to exploring the abilities and demographics of Superheroes – it has to be our weekly roundup of big data, analytics and IoT news (and views) from the big wide web.  

Financial regulators to assess the use of Big Data

The Finance sector could face new rules governing its use of big data. As the sector gets increasingly savvy, European financial services regulators are readying themselves to scrutinise the ways in which firms use ‘big data’. Earlier this week the EU’s 3 financial regulators announced that over the coming year they’ll focus on the “opportunities and challenges” of big data.

When Big Data and Lending meetWhen Big Data and Lending meetOn that, ahem, bank note… Finance Magnates takes a fascinating look at how fintech lenders are leveraging data in new and innovative ways to challenge banks and payday loan operators, while simultaneously improving the lending process.

Data Viz of the Week: Which superhero CV fits your needs?

Super hero data visualisationSo, you’re clinging on to the edge of a tall building, a rabble of bad guys closing in on you. Your fate looks certain. If only there was a super hero to come and save the day. The problem is, there are so many damn heros, these days… So, which one do you call for? Here’s a pretty cool interactive data visualisation that aims to solve your problems. And save your day.

Can big data and open governments save lives?

Can big data and open governments save lives? PlumeDuring its test period, an App that pulls together live pollution data to give real-time insight identified Paris as the ‘dirtiest city on the planet’. The data was passed on to the French government, who quickly took steps to turn this around. The IoT has been lauded as a way to help governments make cities safer, more efficient and healthier, but this reality has been slow to materialise. However, things are changing.

UK Cities early bid for IoT Demonstrator

Bristol is the latest city to announce its bid to become UK’s IoT Demonstrator City (and the £10m that comes with it), joining Exeter on the list of hopefully cities (so far). The bid follows a successful €25m award, as part of a consortium with San Sebastián and Florence, to create “integrated smart city solutions” to tackle urban problems such as traffic congestion, poor air quality and unsustainable energy use.Bristol is the latest city to announce its bid to become UK’s IoT Demonstrator City(The Internet of Things: Find out more about Bristol’s smart city experiments.)

Machine learning, autonomous agents and the IoT – Top 10 technologies for business in 2016

Gartner has just outlined the Top 10 strategic technologies that will impact business strategies next year. Or so it predicts. Factors that denote “significant impact” include, a potential to disrupt business, end users or IT; the need for a major investment; or the risk of being late to adopt. So, don’t get left behind…




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