Talking Tools for Use in Tanzania

Over the next couple of days, we’re looking forward to discussing open data tools with attendees of the Africa Open Data Conference in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Every day, more and more data is added to the open data ecosystem – but this information isn’t always accessible in its “raw” form. That’s why technology, designed with the user in mind, is so important: the right tool can help make data understandable and useful for decisionmaking.

In Dar, we look forward to talking about the Aid Management Platform and Open Schools Kenya – tools designed to make information easy to gather, visualize, and use. We will also be debuting part of a new collaborative effort with the Government of Tanzania, World Bank, DG, and DataVision: Tanzania Sectoral Service Performance Dashboards. These dashboards will collect, synthesize, and visualize data from the health, education, and water sectors – supporting decision-making and spurring national dialogue about Tanzania’s future development.

Education in TZ
Tanzania’s Sectoral Service Performance Dashboard for Education, featuring maps, charts, and a user feedback mechanism.

As the world prepares for post-2015 goals, we will continue to empower practitioners, governments, and citizens with the knowledge – and tools – they need to improve lives.