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Schools Figures: Number on roll, Free School Meals…

Further data release has been carried out by the York Open Data team this week. This latest set of data is focusing around Schools’ figures and constitutes a group of datasets regarding the topics of: Free Schools Meals Number on

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York Open Data network sees York named amongst the best in the country

City of York Council has been named as one of the nation’s best local authorities for successfully opening data to residents and businesses. The council was one of five local authorities to receive top marks from NESTA, an independent innovation

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Local Open Data Ecosystem Map

Nesta, an independent innovation charity which offers funding to increase the innovation capacity in UK, published the article  Local Open Data Ecosystem – A Prototype Map last week, which illustrates how successful Local Authorities across England are at opening up

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Ward Profiles Update

On another front, we have just uploaded to York Open Data updated York Ward Profiles for Q1 2015-2016 data, reflecting latest information on this matter – up to June 2015, on the 21 Electoral Wards in York using the post

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Childcare Costs and Food Hygiene Rating

New two resources available on this platform: Childcare Costs – reflecting cost of childcare services in York for the different childcare providers available, and Food Hygiene, containing City of York Council’s ratings on Food Hygiene. Data for Childcare Costs has

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Pharmacies and Road Safety

Keeping on with the trend we have just released two new datasets into www.yorkopendata.org : Pharmacies and Road Safety. The “Pharmacies” data is provided in both, csv and geospatial format. The York area specific “Road Safety“ data represents the most

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New publication: Litter Bins

Once again CYC has been working on publishing specific data due to popular demand. Believe it or not this is the case of “Litter Bins” locations in York, which can now be found on http://data.yorkopendata.org/dataset/litter-bins in a spreadsheet format and

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More New Data: Population Projections

At York Open Data we are now publishing “Long Term Population Projections”. This data is detailed at sex and single year of age level, for the York Local Authority area. The published are unrounded estimates, based on ONS estimates designed

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If you are reading this you obviously know how to reach the York Open Data platform, but from now on it will also be possible to do this by typing data.york.gov.uk in your browser. In order to get in line

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