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Debunking the myth of ‘Data Monetization’

The song will never work. It’s too long, too complex, too confusing  and doesn’t fit into any musical genre. – Radio stations’ feedback to Queen aboutBohemian Rhapsody Search of greater return on Big Data investment or generating alternative revenue stream for your

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Open Data is Powerful, and the Government Knows It

As an American living and working in Shanghai, I’ve come to appreciate any kind of device or service (VPN, Skype calls home, etc.) that allows me to access information from outside my immediate reality. On a grander scale, however, is

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Irish Open Data Wishlist – Ireland falling behind its Open Data promises and international best practice

This post follows up on a public request made to the government to open up high impact public data sets for the benefit of Ireland’s citizens and economy on April 14th, 2014. The ‘Open Data Wishlist’ of high impact data

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