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Air France-KLM ouvre son API Open Data

Parcours, tarifs, taxes, conditions de transport, statuts des vols en temps réel… Air France-KLM veut accélérer la mise à disposition de jeux de données et d’API à l’attention des développeurs.

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Is Bristol shifting to more sustainable and eco-friendly modes of transport for the daily commute? The latest findings from the 2015 edition of the Quality of Life survey indicates so, with the data suggesting that Bristolians seem to have changed

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Impressions from Data Sketches

By chance, I spotted a tweet this evening from @owenboswarva pointing to a #DVLA data release: number of licence holders with penalty points, broken down by postcode district [link] | #FOI #opendata. A quick search turned up some DfT driving

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Cycle commuting analysis of Bristol

We love it when our API comes in useful for academic purposes. This is a guest post by Richard Thomas. Bristol: Typical cycle commute time For my MSc dissertation, I investigated determinants of the proportion of people who choose to

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Through Open Data, Taxis Can Be a Platform for Innovation

Hans Riemer Hans is an at-large member of the Montgomery County (Md.) Council. September 23, 2015 TDM TAKEAWAY Standardized, open data feeds for taxis can provide more options for riders and foster better competition with ride-hailing companies. There’s no denying

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“Data helps us provide better transport”: TfL on Oyster cards, big data and contactless payments

Future of London New Technologies London One of the younger users of London’s Oyster card. Image: Romazur/Wikimedia Commons. In the last of the the Future of London series, presented by Transport for London, we talk to Shashi Verma, the transport

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How Santa Clara uses IoT, open data to tackle NFL invasion

When the San Francisco 49ers moved into Santa Clara’s Levi’s Stadium, the city started applying IT strategies to managing the massive crowds. (Wikimedia Commons) Handling the massive demands of a National Football League game is still a pretty new civic

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Cambridge is region’s commuting capital – and look how far people will travel to work here

Cambridge is the region’s commuting capital with people coming from all corners of East Anglia to work here, new analysis shows.A series of extraordinary maps reveal the vast distances large numbers are prepared to travel to capitalise on the Cambridge

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Economically speaking, Britain is losing three or four cities a year. Blame longer commutes

Commuting Britain Economics The ONS’ Travel To Work Areas around London, based on 2011 census data. Image: ONS. We often hear that the world is getting smaller, as people travel with greater speed and frequency. New data released this month

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How Far Would You Go? The Geography of Football Stadiums

On any given weekend, tens of thousands of passionate football fans hit the road to follow their team. While I can’t tell you exactly how many supporters travel to every one of their team’s away games, I can tell you

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