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Comment: Why only open data can save smart cities

With the launch of ODI’s Open Data for Smart Cities course fast approaching, ODI Trainer Ben Cave shares his thoughts on why ‘smart cities’ fail, how to fix them and where open data fits in There go the people. I

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Open Education India #2

Our first ever Open Education Around the World post was written in September 2013: Open Education India. It highlighted work going on in India to improve education using Open Education approaches such as the open licensing of textbooks through the

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Learn to Map Census Data in R – free email course

The course, split into 5 lessons, is designed to teach people how to easily make beautiful and informative maps of US demographics. People start with US State maps and progress to county and zip code maps.

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Guest post: My week on the ODI’s Train the Trainer course

  Last month I set off for ODI HQ and the week-long Train the Trainer course. Luckily I’d been warned what to expect of the schedule; don’t make any other plans, I was told. Don’t expect to have time to

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Data journalism in the Philippines: changing the open data landscape

Transparency, accountability and open data in the Philippines have just become more palpable to citizens and journalists alike. Open Knowledge/School of Data joined forces with the World Bank and the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism(PCIJ) to launch a five-month training

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How to get involved in World Statistics Day 2015

The RSS is planning a number of activities to commemorate World Statistics Day (WSD) — which is coming up on 20 October 2015 – and is encouraging members to get involved by running their own events. The RSS will be marking

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AidData/USAID GDL Series 3: Strengthening the “Demand Side” of Data

In the previous entry of this series, we introduced a new set of innovations that leverage hyperlocal data. However, even with the most disruptive innovations, it is difficult to effect large-scale change without an enabling ecosystem of capable users and

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The post-2015 data revolution – what does it mean for the little guys?

The post-2015 data revolution – what does it mean for the little guys? For those of you who have been following the discussion of the post-2015 UN development agenda, the term “data revolution” will not be a new one. The

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