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Big data and open data: what’s what and why does it matter? | Joel Gurin

Both types of data can transform the world, but when government turns big data into open data it’s especially powerful • What government can do with big data – livechat Big data and the new phenomenon open data are closely

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How to turn open data into better government | Helen Margetts

We need more data about open data if the open government initiative is to succeed The UK open data initiative – through which departments open up data by default for public use – is universally acknowledged as a force for

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Paul Maltby: ‘I’ve had to unfollow civil servants who tweet only about meetings’

The head of open data at the Cabinet Office on braving social media, following up the Shakespeare review and the G8 summit You joined the Cabinet Office as director of open data and transparency in January. What will be your

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The cost of unlocking economic potential from core reference data

Dismantling trading funds and redistributing datasets is costly but will government see the long-term economic benefits? It may be some time before we have the government’s response to Stephan Shakespeare’s review of public sector information. But let us suppose the

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How to make open data more accessible

Facilitating supply and demand is crucial to creating a new ecosystem around data and information ‘Data as culture’ is a phrase new to many, but its roots will be familiar. We live in an age of data-driven decision-making: decisions that

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The big debate: open data

From education to policing, from health to councils – public leaders tell us how they are tackling the challenge of making information available to citizens The Commons public accounts committee recently slammed the government’s open data policy for releasing too

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Turning raw FOI data into usable information

Public authorities are now required to release data in a standard format – and this should make it easier to use The government is releasing ever more data for public use, routinely through data.gov.uk and in response to Freedom of

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Open data is going global

The UK is due to co-chair the Open Government Partnership in April and is looking to improve transparency across the world In our last post we talked about the release of data from the Department for Education and how important

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