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‘Open Data = Transparency?’: Ma’s Ludicrous Statement on Open Data

by Billy Lin 語言: English ///中文  Translation by Aaron Wytze Wilson Photo Credit: Liberty Times Recently, President Ma Ying-jeou has made a number of erroneous statements about open data, claimin…

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Taiwan replaces UK at top of open data league table

According to information released by the Open Knowledge Foundation, Taiwan has surprisingly topped the Open Data countries league for 2015, displacing the United Kingdom which has dropped to 2nd place…

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Global Open Data Index 2015 – Taiwan Index

** This insight was written by TH Schee OK Taiwan ambassador ** Taiwan has surprisingly topped the Global Open Data Index 2015, and it’s not without questions as how this could be have been achieved without further examination. Even though

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The Global Open Data Index 2015 is live – what is you country status?

We are excited to announce that we have published the third annual Global Open Data Index. This year’s Index showed impressive gains from non-OECD countries with Taiwan topping the Index and Colombia and Uruguay breaking into the top ten at

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