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Award-winning story shows impact, potential of data journalism tools

Knight International Media Innovators Specialized Reporting Data Journalism Data-driven multimedia story Living on the Edge wins the national onlien category of Vodacom awards. ICFJ Knight Fellow Ray Joseph explains the impact of the tool behind the story.

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Second #OpenDataParty Comes to Benin City, Nigeria

“– bring your laptops, coffee mugs and power extension cords!” On December 11th, the second #OpenDataParty kicks off at Benson Idahosa University, Benin City. During two action-packed days, #OpenDataParty will welcome open data enthusiasts united by the desire to make,

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Why Data Scientists Need to be Good Data Storytellers

Guest blog by Khushbu Shah at DeZyre.com Storytelling is data with a soul. Data Scientists are extremely good with numbers but numbers alone are not sufficient to convey the results to the end user. Being a good data storyteller is

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Coming soon — our first LOD-Book!

I spoke recently at the LODLAM Summit and the New Factual Storytelling Symposium about my latest experiments in developing online historical narratives that embed rich structured data about people, places, events and resources. I also mentioned that there were plans

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Stories for machines, data for humans

Presented at the New Factual Storytelling symposium, 10 April 2015, University of CanberraI feel like the nerdy kid at the cool kids’ party. There are lots of interesting and creative projects on show today and I… well I want to

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