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ODI: Over £40m* value unlocked worldwide

The Open Data Institute (ODI) has announced that the total value it has helped unlock to the open data ecosystem has exceeded £40m in the three years since it opened. This includes direct income, grants and competition funding, incubated ODI

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ODI summer showcase: Heathrow Air

We chat with Yodit Stanton, Founder and CEO of Open Sensors, about her ideas behind winning summer showcase project Heathrow Air, and what she has in store Heathrow Air will deploy air quality and noise sensors in gardens around Heathrow.

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Open data startups get a €100k boost

Open Data Incubator for Europe funds seven startups to innovate with open data, with wide outcomes from tackling infectious diseases to publishing commodity prices Seven businesses from across Europe will receive up to €100k EU grant funding after being selected

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Seedcamp x OpenData

Anyone can register to attend but start-ups must apply via AngelList by 20th September. Seedcamp is a London based fund supporting start-ups from the pre-seed and seed stage. More details can be found by clicking here. Image: Summary: Seedcamp has teamed up with the Open

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Open Utility: energy, open data and being an ODI Startup

We speak with energy startup Open Utility about how it is creating the UK’s first online market for renewable energy, and the best things about being an ODI Startup The ODI Startup programme supports and promotes open data startups to

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How Startups Are Transforming the Smart City Movement

Remember the 1990s visions of the future? Those first incantations of the sweeping “smart city,” so technologically utopian and Tomorrowland-ish in design? The concept and solutions were pitched by tech titans like IBM and Cisco, cost obscene amounts of money,

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Schiphol Airport working on open innovation

Schiphol Group, the owner and operator of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, is making its data and functionality available to the developer community. According to CIO Albert van Veen, the market — i.e. developers and users of mobile apps — is better

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Collaborative networks: how to successfully tap platforms, marketplaces and peer communities

The rise of platforms and marketplaces is not just spurring a wave of startups around the world, but can also open new ways of re-organising capitalism, government and society. The combination of ‘Inc’ (organisations like businesses or government) and peers

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Open Data: 4 Benefits, 7 V’s, and Thousands of Repositories

Open data repositories are fantastic for many reasons, including: (1) they provide a source of insight and transparency into the domains and organizations that are represented by the data sets; (2) they enable value creation across a variety of domains, using

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How One Tool Enabled Two Entrepreneurs to Quit Their Day Jobs & Build Their Dream Business

The following is a market-sizing tool case study featuring Apitite, a cloud service for creating and managing APIs.   The Problem Tristan and Todd, both first-time entrepreneurs with technical backgrounds, were moonlighting on the weekends building Apitite, a cloud service

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