SPARQL is the new King of all Data Scientist’s tools

Inspired by the development of semantic technologies in recent years, in statistical analysis field the traditional methodology of designing, publishing and consuming statistical datasets is evolving to so-called “Linked Statistical Data” by associating semantics with dimensions, attributes and observation values

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Some of my many failures

I fail quite often. I have tons of ideas which seem like they might work and loads flop. Occasionally I do something that fails to fail and those are the ones people notice. I usually have fun and learn some

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Statistics Beta launched – fun with SPARQL

This week we launched the beta version of our linked open data platform for testing. More information is available on our blog and we’re really keen to receive feedback. Confused by SPARQL I’m trying to learn more about linked open

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SPARQL and Shine

Did you know that you can extract information held on Wikipedia in a dataset? DBpedia makes it all possible. I wondered if I could write a query to extract details of disused stations in Scotland and map them. About DBpedia

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Tell Me About Hampshire – Linking Government Data using SPARQL federation 2

  Yesterday I blogged about how to do some SPARQL federated queries across various government websites, and this blog is a continuation of this with a different example. In this blog I give an example query which basically say ‘tell

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Federating SPARQL Queries Across Government Linked Data

SPARQL 1.1 introduces the idea of federated SPARQL queries – this enables you to execute part of your SPARQL query against a remote SPARQL endpoint. I thought I’d provide some examples of using this feature in government linked open data.

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How a bad experience made an OKFN labs project

From theory to experimentation Back in November 2010, I faced a problem while teaching my students about the Semantic Web. I wanted to convey the idea that Semantic Web technologies can break down the barriers between dataset silos on the

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