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The Success of #OpenData Portals is Not the Data, But The #Community Around It.

It Started With A Tweet Between bouts of Beechams Powders I had been glancing over some of the open data NI tweets….  then I said this. @ssands14 @theshawe @opendatani @BankofInvention @Y_Influencers @thomas_d_gray @KainosSoftware you need the social element, involvement —

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Open Data: A 21st Century Asset for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

The economic and social potential of open data is widely acknowledged. In particular, the business opportunities have received much attention. But for all the excitement, we still know very little about how and under what conditions open data really works.

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Cities As Platforms

Take a look at the last decade’s fastest-growing companies. You’ll notice they have one thing in common: They’re all platforms. YouTube was not the first video-hosting site, but it was the first to disrupt the stagnating online broadcasting model, creating

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Data Linkage: Ethical and Social Concerns

Libby Bishop, Manager, Producer Relations: Research Ethics, at the UK Data Service updates us on the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) event Data Linkage: Ethical and Social Concerns. Not even a strike on the London Tube could deter the

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