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Open data: re-engaging

Fans of UK government open data were getting worried that the Cabinet Office’s enthusiasm for transparency was waning. (I wrote this a month ago.) Events of the last week suggest that all is not lost.…

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Open data and journalism

The relationship between open data and journalism is a complex one. No one questions the desirability of good journalism and the value of open data but both are under threat. British print circulation…

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Who can we trust with #opendata in the UK?

The opendata landscape is complicated as Simon Briscoe has pointed out in his excellent map. However recently some of the players have disappeared as Giuseppe Solazzo explains and these are the groups like the Open Data User Group that in

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The open data failures of the coalition and how it can be put right

A post by ODUG member Simon Briscoe with his thoughts on the Coalition and their delivery of the Open Data agenda. Read the full article here: http://www.statslife.org.uk/opinion/2292-the-open-data-failures-of-the-coalition-and-how-it-can-be-put-right

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Open data “map” of UK

“Which parts of the public sector are battling to open up data – or resisting it – in the UK? There are so many moving parts it’s hard to say, really. So, I have produced this “map” to set out

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