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How Linked Data Solved A Digital Age Marketing Problem

Founder of Apiwise and 15-year veteran of the API space, Dimitri van Hees began his APIcon talk by putting this up on the screen: 0641011744. Is it a number? A registration number? A New Zealand phone number? Maybe a flight

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Europe’s Crème de la Crème of Linked Data and Semantic Web – 1st European Linked Data Award given

Europe’s Crème de la Crème of Linked Data and Semantic Web – 1st European Linked Data Award given (Vienna, 16.09.2015) The new established European Linked Data Award was given to two top projects coming from the domain of Linked Data and

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SPARQL is the new King of all Data Scientist’s tools

Inspired by the development of semantic technologies in recent years, in statistical analysis field the traditional methodology of designing, publishing and consuming statistical datasets is evolving to so-called “Linked Statistical Data” by associating semantics with dimensions, attributes and observation values

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How The Semantic Web Can Boost Africa’s Fortunes

In recent years we’ve seen Facebook go public with a $100 billion valuation and General Motors, formerly the world’s biggest company, go effectively bankrupt and need to be bailed out. And hot digital properties like Instagram , SnapChat and WhatsApp

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How semantic technologies transform public administration

Fri, 08/07/2015 – 07:37, by Nika Mizerski We are very happy to have representatives from all fields at SEMANTicS 2015 with hands-on experience in implementing semantic solutions. Simon Dalferth is an advisor to the directorate at the Council of the

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Linked Data: From interoperable to interoperating

Today’s batch of videos come from CAA, the international conference, in Siena, Italy. I was privileged enough to be there and lucky that some session organisers and presenters agreed to let me film them. The first session up is about

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Three posts that influenced my ideas on the ‘web of data’

One of the benefits of having a bit of time off (and being banned from Slack, Bugherd, email etc) is that I am getting a little bit of time to step back and think through some of the things that

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Why should I care about the Semantic Web?

Why should I care about the Semantic Web? 12 December 2014 – Kev Kirkland The Semantic Web is a technology which has been hovering in the background for over a decade now. Why should you care about it? The internet

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How a bad experience made an OKFN labs project

From theory to experimentation Back in November 2010, I faced a problem while teaching my students about the Semantic Web. I wanted to convey the idea that Semantic Web technologies can break down the barriers between dataset silos on the

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