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Helsinki University Library Opens Data to the General Public

Helsinki University Library is making its data available to the general public. “Helsinki University Library’s open data web service api.hulib.helsinki.fi offers the vast majority of the library’s data in easy-to-use JSON format. In addition to library catalog data, the service

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Software to Build Minecraft Towns From Open Data

A brilliant individual has developed software that lets you make Minecraft towns from open data. “‘To create the model I had to painstakingly measure everything from maps and aerial photography and do my best to guess the height of the

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Open Data Soft Makes Huge List of Open Data Portals

Niiiiiiiice. From Open Data Soft: HOW WE PUT TOGETHER A LIST OF 1600+ OPEN DATA PORTALS AROUND THE WORLD FOR THE OPEN DATA COMMUNITY. “So, after the tasty map of French cheese, the state of Open Data in 2014 and

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Adopt a Department of Education Data Set

They’re not as cuddly as a puppy, but on the other hand they don’t pee on the carpet. Maybe you’d like to adopt a Department of Education data set. “My partner Kin Lane recently received a Knight Foundation prototype grant

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Open Database of Historic Cemeteries

In development: an open database of historic cemeteries. “The MAP project’s interface will be an open-access website with a database of monumental records, a curated collection of research projects (connecting data to methods and interpretations), and an interactive means of

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