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Helsinki University Library Opens Data to the General Public

Helsinki University Library is making its data available to the general public. “Helsinki University Library’s open data web service api.hulib.helsinki.fi offers the vast majority of the library’s data in easy-to-use JSON format. In addition to library catalog data, the service

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2015 – that was the year that was

This time last year, the Office of Scholarly Communication at Cambridge University had been in existence for one week. As the inaugural Head of the Office, I had landed in the UK from Australia on 1 January, and was still

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ODI Futures: How open innovation will transform agriculture

On 3 December we held an event focusing on the future of agriculture, in partnership with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Chaired by ODI Head of Research Dr Tom Heath, it gathered stakeholders in the sector to

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Embracing Open Data in the World of Research

by Angela Guess Virginia Gewin recently wrote in Nature.com, “It is a movement building steady momentum: a call to make research data, software code and experimental methods publicly available and tra…

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The State of Open Data in Ghana: Part 1

I joined the School of Data in April as one of the fellows for 2015. Continue reading on Medium »

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A distributed approach to co-operative data

[Summary: rough notes from a workshop on cooperative sector data.] Principle 6 of the International Co-operative Alliance calls for ‘co-operation amongst co-operatives’. Yet, for many co-ops, finding other worker owned businesses to work with can be challenging. Although there are

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Prototyping a new data collaboration platform for sustainable development

Guest contributors Julia Duncan and Nic Covey write a blog post on how to present data to researchers and practitioners in a productive, centralized way. On September 25th, on the margins of the UN Sustainable Development Summit, our organizations (The Demand

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Open data reveal Bristol’s attitude to climate change

The world is getting warmer, the Arctic sea ice is melting and today’s atmospheric C02 concentration is higher than any time in the last 800,000 years. In a week that sees 195 world leaders and more than 40,000 delegates meeting

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Highlighting the importance of Open Access & Open Research here at Nepal

Due to the ongoing crisis situation and political instability of the country, we were unable to celebrate Open Access Week 2015 like past years. so, because of this reason we planned to organize Open Access Workshop in collaboration with Open

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What can global temperature data tell us?

(This article was first published on Radford Neal’s blog » R Programming, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers) Debates about anthropogenic climate change often centre around data on changes in global temperatures over the last few decades. There are good scientific

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