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The future of citizen urban research

It’s hard to dispute that research is changing, with the likes of open innovation and citizen science allowing a much greater pool of talent to participate in an activity that was traditionally the preserve of the few. This shift has

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The End of Check Box Open Data

Is open data something your agency has checked off its list of technology initiatives, only to move on to new projects? For many agencies, open data is something that has been marked as completed, even when it has failed to

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Being a Data Janitor and Cleaning Up Data Portability Vomit

As I work through the XML, tab & comma separated, and spreadsheet strewn landscape of federal government data as part of my Adopta.Agency work, I’m constantly reminded of how the data being published is often retribution, more than it is

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From open borders to open data

This week, many of us have been gripped by the story of thousands of people, mostly from Syria, trying to travel from Hungary to Germany via Austria. The story reminded me of an earlier refugee crisis. I grew up in

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Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!

We love to make the most of the English summer – however long it lasts. When warm weather and school holidays combine, the beach is one of the best places to enjoy the sunshine. In England the seaside is cleaner

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The poor quality of government data is probably the most important emerging trend for government.

Data is the lifeblood of state government. It’s the crucial commodity that’s necessary to manage projects, avoid fraud, assess program performance, keep the books in balance and deliver services efficiently. But even as the trend toward greater reliance on data

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Assessing government data accessibility and usability

One of the ideas that we at Open Knowledge Melbourne had as an activity for our weekly meetups was to set aside some time for people to browse the various Australian open data portals and assess the quality of the

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Updating our Bathing Water Data services for the new season

Hello – I’m Tom Guilbert and I work in the Data, Mapping, Modelling and Information team at the Environment Agency. I’ve been working over the last few months on updating and improving our bathing water quality open data services and

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Slow down with the standards talk: it’s interoperability & information quality we should focus on

[Summary: cross-posting a contribution to the discussions on the International Open Data Conference blog] There is a lot of focus in the run up the International Open Data Conference in Ottawa next week. Two of the Action Area workshops on

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