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Impressions from Data Sketches

By chance, I spotted a tweet this evening from @owenboswarva pointing to a #DVLA data release: number of licence holders with penalty points, broken down by postcode district [link] | #FOI #opendata. A quick search turned up some DfT driving

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What Open Data can do for Africa’s growing population?

Back in June I rushed to take a front seat at one of the World Bank conference rooms to hear Dr. Hans Rosling speak. We had met years ago in Moldova, and just like last time, his talk was sharp,

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How will we fill 9 billion bowls?

  This new in-depth report by Thomson Reuters raises the immense issue of how the world will feed the 9 billion people, or more, that are predicted to inhabit the planet by 2050.  Featuring the USDA Under Secretary and Chief

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