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‘EveryPolitician’ provides open data on parliaments around the globe

EveryPolitician, an aptly named new project from Poplus and mySociety, has a simple yet arduous mission: collect and share data about every single politician in the world. It’s a bold initiative, but the project is well on its way to

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Getting There: Australian Politician Housing Expense Data, Part 2

We’re following the money down under, via the conduit of expenses-plotting spreadsheets flowing our way via the Guardian‘s and its piece on the spending activity of Australian politicians. Having spent last week counting the beans doled out for politicians’ flight

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Getting There: Australian Politician Flight Expense Data, Part 1

Citizen journalism or free lunch? Admirable voluntarism or crowdfunded advantage-taking? It’s your call, but the Guardian wants you to donate your – and your, and your – analytical smarts to the data on nine spreadsheets itemizing Australian politicos’ expenses, in

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