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Open Data Camp 4: bigger, better, wetter

This post is a repost of Giuseppe’s Medium blog post I am slowly coming back to life after Open Data Camp. Being in Cardiff was amazing, if not for the weather, which is partly to blame for my current heavy cold.

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Responsible data visualisation in our storytelling

Visualisation is a huge part of making data accessible – but do we run the risk of distorting the data by imposing a visual narrative on it? How do we visualise responsibly in our storytelling?

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What makes for a good API?

What makes for a good API? What makes for a bad one? Do we even need APIs?

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Open Data for Evil

Exposing data is a good thing, right? Well, some people want to do bad things with it. So what’s the best way to stop them; or at least mitigate the consequences? Team Sith and Team Jedi discussed.

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A tale of two datasets

The Institute for Government runs a Whitehall Monitoring Project with a range of data sources. Some are great, and have impact. Some are neglected. So how do you persuade official bodies that it’s a far, far better thing to publish

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Joining up the dots: platform co-operatives and content networks.

Can we come together as communities and use digital tools to build platforms and share knowledge? Two operate issues were discussed at Open Data Camp 4

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Sustaining Senior Sponsorship

How can we sustain senior sponsorship for open data, when political pressure or change in personnel can remove it. Or can we immunise our organisations against departures?

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Better local government through open data

Local government is under financial siege. Can we make the case for more open data by helping them get more done with less?

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What is data, open data… and what on earth is an API?

For new arrivals at day two of Open Data Camp 4, and for those left with questions after day one, there was another session on the basics. What’s data, what’s open data, how do you get open data, and what

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Open Data Camp 4: Sunday’s Pitches

Sunday morning brought a big, if a little tender, crowd. And it also brought some great, great pitches…

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