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We need to learn how to search the web of data

Search for the web of data is still in the portal era, but portals do not meet all user needs. Imagine a world where you could search for, find, understand, trust and use data as easily as you can for

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Comment: What would a locked-down data future look like?

This is the second in a blog series discussing potential data futures and how they affect data infrastructure. The first in the series outlines why we are considering three potential data futures In this blog we consider a locked-down future,

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Aim to be boring: lessons for data infrastructure

“Anything you think is infrastructure probably isn’t – infrastructure that is useful is invisible” Image: The M1 motorway, UK by kevinofsydney, CC-BY 2.0 Recently we met up with Geoff Bilder, Director of Strategic Initiatives at CrossRef. We discussed data infrastructure,

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How will the future affect our data infrastructure?

At the ODI we’ve been thinking about our data infrastructure and how different future scenarios will affect it As billions more people come online, what will our data future look like? CC BY 2.0, uploaded by Japanexperterna.se. It can be

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Comment: Addresses are part of Ireland’s national data infrastructure

ODI Associate Peter Wells shares his thoughts on why putting the right data infrastructure in place will help Ireland’s new postcode system, Eircode, meet Ireland’s needs in the future Addresses are a core and fundamental asset for any country. CC

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