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ATLAS: Oxfam Novib’s Open Data in Action

“Sharing our data will make us better at what we do” Leo Stolk, ATLAS Project Leader ATLAS is Oxfam Novib’s online gateway to information about their projects and partners around the world. For an organisation with hundreds of partners and

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A data revolution is underway. Will NGOs miss the boat?

Opinion by Sophia Ayele at Oxfam: “The data revolution has arrived. ….The UN has even launched a Data Revolution Group (to ensure that the revolution penetrates into international development). The Group’s 2014 report suggests that harnessing the power of newly available data could ultimately

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Is the open data discussion open enough?

David Saldivar is the Aid Effectiveness Policy and Advocacy Manager at Oxfam America. The conversation around open data for development is expansive; but even with all the talk the discussion almost always lapses into a narrow dialogue between donors and

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An open data revolution, but what’s next?

Posted by Roy Trivedy UN Resident Coordinator/Representative at Papua New Guinea at UNDP, Mike Battcock Civil Society Department, DFID 18th Dec 2013 An open data revolution has taken place in the aid transparency world in the past two years, but

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