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Open Defra: what is it, and what do we know so far?

Post: 28 June 2015 This week the UK Environment Secretary, Elizabeth Truss, gave a speech in which she announced that: Over the next year we will be making 8,000 datasets publicly available, in the biggest data giveaway that Britain has

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Comments for Guardian article on appointment of Mike Bracken as UK’s Chief Data Officer

Post: 24 April 2015 There’s an excellent new article by Marc Ambasna-Jones on the Guardian website: Does the UK need a chief data officer? It includes some quotes from me on aspects related to open data. Following are the full

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Open Data: Goin’ local, down in….wherever you live….

This post introduces my new demonstration “Local Data Discovery” dashboard, explaining my rationale and motivation for developing it. I had the pleasure of attending an event on 24 March hosted by Francis Maude, to celebrate the fantastic work by Local Authorities

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How to Publish Open Public Data (in the UK)

Post: 1 March 2015 An easy to follow decision tree, for anyone who wants to release some open data but still isn’t sure how. Click to embiggen:

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Does open data need a licence?

Post: 17 February 2015 According to the Open Definition, open data “must“ be available under an open licence. But what about datasets that are also effectively free to access and reuse because the producer does not assert any intellectual property

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New Environment Agency open data: Water Resource Availability in England

Post: 10 February 2015 Environment Agency released some new open data this week: a spatial dataset called Water Resource Availability and Abstraction Reliability. The dataset indicates whether, and for what percentage of time, additional water may be available for consumptive

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Fracking maps and open data

Post: 9 February 2015 Updated 15 February 2015 with an additional map related to flood risk. See the end of the post. There is a lot of interest in “fracking maps” at the moment. Rules for shale gas exploration in

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How suitable is Environment Agency’s flood data for identifying individual properties at risk?

Post: 18 January 2015 A week ago I wrote about Environment Agency’s Risk of Flooding from Rivers and Sea (RoFRS) dataset, which has recently been released as open data. Since then Shoothill have launched a new website based on the

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Environment Agency flood risk open data: some apps and info

Post: 9 January 2014 Last month Environment Agency released Risk of Flooding from Rivers and Sea (RoFRS), their core flood risk dataset for England, as open data. The dataset is now available on EA’s DataShare page as three free products:

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It was all a dream: Land Registry’s Price Paid dataset isn’t really open data after all.

Post: 8 January 2015 Last month I sent Land Registry the following query: Land Registry’s Price Paid Data has been released under the terms of the Open Government Licence (OGL). The Open Government Licence includes an exemption for “third party rights the

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