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What is Derived Data?

A while ago I asked the question: “What is a Dataset?“. The idea was to look at how different data communities were using the term to see if there were any common themes. This week I’ve been considering how UPRNs

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How and when can UPRNs be a part of open data?

I’m trying to understand when and how UPRNs can be a part of open data, whether published by councils or others organisations. I’m writing down what I understand in the hope that others might find this useful or might be

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Councils explore options for online mapping tools

All parts of the public sector in Great Britain have free access to a wide range of services from the government-owned mapping agency Ordnance Survey (OS), through the Public Sector Mapping Agreement in England and Wales or the One Scotland

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Ceremonial and Historic county boundary data added to OS OpenData

For 224 years OS has been mapping the changing physical landscape of Great Britain. However it is not only the landscape which has changed, Great Britain’s county boundaries have also changed over the last two centuries. As part of a

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Redesigned Discovering geology home page

BGS has created three-dimensional representations of geology at several locations across the country in Minecraft. More information. Want to find geological trails, museums or groups near you? Browse the GeoBritain map Download the Climate through time poster to learn more

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Exploring ‘Rivers of Data’

This week saw the beta release of the Environment Agency’s flood data APIs and 4 new open data products from Ordnance Survey including the detailed OS Open Map – Local and the new OS Open Rivers network data. Alex Coley’s

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How much does the public sector spend on data?

I gave a short internal presentation this week about open data. As I was writing a few thoughts came to mind based on chats with data users. One of the intriguing questions is – how does the public sector spend

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Open Data As Old As Domesday

The recent Unconference on Open Data Camp UK in Winchester was the first gathering of Open Data enthusiasts for them to swap ideas, knowledge and to exchange data and to thrash out some of the technical issues of databases. The

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What would an independent Scotland mean for UK open data?

  British Isles Euler diagram [CC0 by TWCarlson, via Wikipedia] I’m posing the question because it looks like a reality we may all be dealing with very soon. My preference would be for Scotland to vote no to leaving the

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Quick Play with Cayley Graph DB and Ordnance Survey Linked Data

Earlier this month Google announced the release of the open source graph database/triplestore Cayley. This weekend I thought I would have a quick look at it, and try some simple queries using the Ordnance Survey Linked Data. Cayley is written

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