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Nope, HTML is not Open Data

In this column, our Chief Data Officer shares his view on why HTML is not Open Data. In need for an opiniated post? Let’s open the discussion!   This is a quick reminder because I’m so sick of scrolling through

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Open Data missing layers

The Open Data movement is growing, there are more and more portals, more and more publishers and more and more people using the data. As the Open Data movement is growing, both the people publishing and using the data evolve.

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How the New ‘Smart’ City Tackles Disaster Management with Open Data and Civic Tech

To date, smart city initiatives have been largely top down efforts accompanied by hefty infrastructure investments. They’ve also targeted similar areas for improvements, like parking, street lighting, transportation, water and energy use, and waste management.   However, in “The next-generation

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Open Data Soft Makes Huge List of Open Data Portals

Niiiiiiiice. From Open Data Soft: HOW WE PUT TOGETHER A LIST OF 1600+ OPEN DATA PORTALS AROUND THE WORLD FOR THE OPEN DATA COMMUNITY. “So, after the tasty map of French cheese, the state of Open Data in 2014 and

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Mapping the world of open data portals

OpenDataSoft has mapped more than 1,600 open data portals worldwide, in an effort to make clean, usable, open data easier to find and access.

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How we put together a list of 1600+ Open Data portals around the world for the Open Data community

Today, the OpenDataSoft team is launching something really special; something for all you Open Data geeks out there. When working on building a state-of-the-art Open Data solution, we often hear this question: Where can I find clean and usable data?

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Explore New York City Yellow Taxi trips Data with OpenDataSoft

Last week, New York City opened data from millions of taxi trips. 165,114,361 to be more precise. At a time when war rages between taxis and Uber, just a few days after the clash between NYC’s mayor DeBlasio and Uber,

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Dinner night? Check the hygiene of your favorite restaurant with health and safety open data

Summer is here to last and tourists walk around looking for the perfect restaurant. After (surely) using our transportation data compilation to travel and our cheese map to whet your appetite, our readers can now check the hygiene of their

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Transportation Open Data: opening your data enhances your citizens’ mobility

Today, sharing transportation Open Data is at the very heart of innovation: new ways of exploring territories, smart cities, disintermediation between customers and services… In France, numerous transportation operators, public organizations and companies have already opened their transportation data for

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Open Data and transparency, foundations of sustainable cities

OpenDataSoft Breakfast talk: Open Data and transparency, foundations of sustainable cities   June 30, 2015 • 8.30am – 10.00am Incubateur Boucicaut, 130 rue de Lourmel, 75015 Paris (Breakfast talk in French) Are you convinced that a city’s open data and

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