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TransparencyCamp Europe comes to Amsterdam

Developers, government officials, journalists and activists from all over Europe will shine their light on EU decision making and open government as TransparencyCamp Europe comes to Amsterdam. Today, Open State Foundation together with the Dutch Presidency of the Council of

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Openspending: from one district to an entire country

In 2013 the Open State Foundation started Openspending by releasing the finances of one of the districts of Amsterdam. This week our work resulted in the sustainable publication of financial open data of all Dutch regional and local governments. The

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A close look at the government-wide data inventory

On the 10th of July we received the joyful news that the first government-wide data inventory was finished. A trajectory for which Open State has actively applied itself. According to the letter for the Dutch parliament a grand total of

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10 Challenges for Open Data

It has been six years since Tim Berners Lee called out for more raw data. A lot since then has happened, but critics often point out limited visible impacts and the lack of public awareness. So the question is, what

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Government-wide data inventory online

“There must be a change in government culture when it comes to the disclosure of information,” says Ronald Plasterk, the Dutch minister of the Interior and and Kingdom Relations. Today he announced that 550 new datasets appear online, the result of

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Pilot Open Municipal Information: the needle in the digital haystack

‘Gemeenteraad Amsterdam bijeen over bestuursstructuur van Gemeentelijke Universiteit’ by Bert Verhoeff (Anefo 1980). Collection: Beeldbank Nationaal Archief. CC-BY-SA 3.0 Publishing minutes, decisions, bills, agendas and other documents of the city council as open data strengthens the information position of city

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Government grants double in 2014

In 2014 Dutch ministries provided twice as much grants as in 2013. An analysis done by the Open State Foundation shows that 44.507 grants have been given to 10.993 recipients, with a total cost of 5.5 billion euro. Last week

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Do not exploit the trade register, make it open

Open the Trade registry up for everyone, as open data will stimulate innovative apps and toolsl; argued Arjan El Fassed in the Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad. The Dutch Chamber of Commerce (‘Kamer van Koophandel’ or in shortKvK) recently took a

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