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‘Frances open source policy spurs ICT market’

France’s policies on open source and open data are helping to create a market for French ICT service providers, says Didier Tranchier, Professor of Innovation Management at Institut Mines-Telecom, a research institute. Professor Tranchier, who coaches and invests in high

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Open source as a tool of cultural change

If you haven’t heard of 18F, it’s time to get them on your radar. 18F is a digital consultancy in an independent agency, a startup within the General Services Administration (GSA), and a major advocate for open source and open

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Supporting Open Data exploitation

Do you need to publish high quality Open Data (OD)? Do you want to reuse data for research, an article, an application or something else? The Open Data Node, a new open source platform supporting the entire process of Open

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Government as a platform for the rest of us

So far we’ve talked about the technology that makes Government as a Platform work, and the technical benefits it brings, but less about the more tangible benefits for everyone else in government. For policy people, for front line staff, for

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120+ CKAN Portals in the Palm of Your Hand. Via the Open Data Companion (ODC)

CKAN is a powerful open-source data portal platform which provides out-of-the-box tools that allow data producers to make data easily accessible and reusable by everyone. Making CKAN as Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) has been a key factor in

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Flutrack.org: Open-source and linked data for epidemiology

Chorianopoulos K, and Talvis K at Health Informatics Journal: “Epidemiology has made advances, thanks to the availability of real-time surveillance data and by leveraging the geographic analysis of incidents. There are many health information systems that visualize the symptoms of influenza-like illness on

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How Startups Are Transforming the Smart City Movement

Remember the 1990s visions of the future? Those first incantations of the sweeping “smart city,” so technologically utopian and Tomorrowland-ish in design? The concept and solutions were pitched by tech titans like IBM and Cisco, cost obscene amounts of money,

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Here’s an open source transport and planning map of Greater Manchester to play with

Maps Planning Manchester All the roadworks planned in Greater Manchester. Just in case you were planning to drive there. Image: GMODIN. Open planning maps are all the rage these days. London’s transport authorities have developed a nifty tool which you

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Flagging OER16: Open Culture

While things are quiet and people are enjoying their summer holidays (here on the Northern part of the globe!) I thought it would be a good time to mention OER16 which will take place on the 19th and 20th April

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How open data and social media helped Nepal rebuild after earthquake

The earthquake in Nepal in May exposed the national government’s unpreparedness to deal with the aftermath of a huge natural disaster, but it also gave rise to a movement of young Nepalese people with the skills required to help their

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