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Comment: Addresses are part of Ireland’s national data infrastructure

ODI Associate Peter Wells shares his thoughts on why putting the right data infrastructure in place will help Ireland’s new postcode system, Eircode, meet Ireland’s needs in the future Addresses are a core and fundamental asset for any country. CC

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How many addresses and postcodes in the UK?

In the last few days we’ve been exploring the size of the OLAF problem, starting from small, more manageable geographic entities and wondering first how many addresses we would find in one town and then how many postcodes. What’s the

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Shades of grey in opening address data

While working on Open Addresses, a free and open database of UK addresses, we came across a problem: it isn’t always easy to work out who owns or can use data. [Read the report: Open Addresses – the story so

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How far can we trust open data?

Post: 29 November 2014 This post is also published on the Royal Statistical Society’s StatsLife site. How far can we trust open data? This is a trick question, of course, with no right answer. When it comes to data, “open” is mainly a

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