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Creative Commons and Hope — How Open Access Journals Helped Me in a Dark Time

I’m bad with linear time. Sometime about two months ago, my daughter was four months old. She was healthy and happy and life was good for our family. When we brought her in for her four-month vaccination, I asked our

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Information is not everything — 5 levels of data openness

Can we consider a commune to be open once it releases any information on its website? Tim Berners-Lee, one of the creators of the World… Continue reading on Medium »

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2015 – that was the year that was

This time last year, the Office of Scholarly Communication at Cambridge University had been in existence for one week. As the inaugural Head of the Office, I had landed in the UK from Australia on 1 January, and was still

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OpenCon 2015 and open access in Nepal

November 14-16, 2015, Brussels witnessed OpenCon 2015, the conference for students and early career academic professionals on Open Access, Open Education and Open Data. Attendee Roshan Kumar Karn reveals more about what the conference is about.

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Highlighting the importance of Open Access & Open Research here at Nepal

Due to the ongoing crisis situation and political instability of the country, we were unable to celebrate Open Access Week 2015 like past years. so, because of this reason we planned to organize Open Access Workshop in collaboration with Open

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Indian Customs Open Data

Starting today it is International Open Access Week, I have been associated with concepts of open data and open access since 2012 and was hoping to bring some serious attention to it in India. This we…

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Open Education India #2

Our first ever Open Education Around the World post was written in September 2013: Open Education India. It highlighted work going on in India to improve education using Open Education approaches such as the open licensing of textbooks through the

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Flagging OER16: Open Culture

While things are quiet and people are enjoying their summer holidays (here on the Northern part of the globe!) I thought it would be a good time to mention OER16 which will take place on the 19th and 20th April

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INASP launches Open Access Week competition

INDUSTRY TRENDS 18 August 2015 Tweet INASP has launched in Open Access Week Competition for 2015. The competition is open to representatives of institutions and organisations from INASP partner or network countries. This year, Open Access Week will take place

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Exploiting the data mine

Chemists must embrace open data to allow us to collectively get the best out of the masses of new knowledge we unearth, reports Clare Sansom

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