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Who are the real ‘digital leaders’?

I see a number of groups these days called ‘digital leaders’ which made me reflect on: who/what is a digital leader? how many are there; is there a finite number? what elements constitute this kind of leadership? Some common features

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ODUG is dead, long live ODUG (Open Data User Group)

Nick M Halliday Create, curate, consume GB I heard about the Open Data User Group a couple of years ago and last year was fortunate enough to be chosen (in a transparent manner) to be a member. The thing that

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Who can we trust with #opendata in the UK?

The opendata landscape is complicated as Simon Briscoe has pointed out in his excellent map. However recently some of the players have disappeared as Giuseppe Solazzo explains and these are the groups like the Open Data User Group that in

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Why do we need a public sector API group?

Somewhat rashly last week I decided to create a Public Sector API Meetup Group. Why, I hear you ask? The idea has been strongly influenced by Paul Hallett who set up the #LondonAPI meetup group where I have attended, I

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How much does the public sector spend on data?

I gave a short internal presentation this week about open data. As I was writing a few thoughts came to mind based on chats with data users. One of the intriguing questions is – how does the public sector spend

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What should the UK’s Chief Data Officer do in their first 100 days?

Ok I am making an assumption that there is going to be a CDO but bear with me on that. Will a CDO be the saviour of data in the UK? Here is a starter for ten list: Work out

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