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Open Government Case Study: Marlborough District Council Floodwatch

(A printable PDF version link is at the end of this page) Purpose of agency The mission of the Marlborough District Council (MDC), a NZ unitary authority, includes managing risks to public safety associated with natural events such as riverine

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Open Data 101

From what Open Data is, to understanding how to use it, this guide is a quick reference for everything you need to know about New Zealand’s Open Data initiative. Introduction Do you know how much of your tax money is

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Open Data and Leadership: New Zealand’s approach

I am delighted to be here today talking about New Zealand’s approach to open data and leadership. New Zealand has a strong and internationally recognised history of open and transparent government.  And as I’m sure those of you here know

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New Zealand and the OGP

Summary NZ’s Action Plan is amongst the least ambitious of all 65 member countries in the OGP, and the process by which it was developed and is being implemented is a long way from the ‘co-creation’ between government and civil

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Amazing uses of open data and the seven ways people try to kill them

Assuming you can find the right stone, how will you get the blood (or open data) out? Source: flickr/dj2lip (CC-BY-2.0) Why I want more open government data (we paid for it already!) As you might already know I’m a bit

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Open data leaders in government finally have a support network – each other

New Zealand’s Open Government Data Programme Leader, Paul Stone, reflects on his time at the Open Data Leaders Network: what he learnt, who he met and how peer-learning has helped him find better solutions to problems. Open Data Leaders Network,

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Why New Zealand and UK are leading the public sector digital revolution

Our two countries have learned from each other in drive to digital-by-default, say senior ministers At the Open Government Partnership (OGP) summit in London in November 2013, New Zealand became the 61st member of a rapidly expanding global movement. The

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