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UK Open Data and Buildings in OpenStreetMap

I’ve finally (after 8 months) got around to looking at the OpenMap Local buildings. This new dataset was launched at the first OpenDataCamp, and I’ve had the SU 100 kilometre square data on the PC si…

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4 Major Takeaways From Chicago’s Open Data Strategy

A recent workshop detailed the basics of what the Windy City’s official information portal has to offer.

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Mapping the ‘Great Divide’ Between Affordable Housing and Opportunity

People living in high-poverty neighborhoods in the U.S. don’t have access to good schools, jobs, or parks and other green spaces. Instead, the residents of such neighborhoods are exposed to violence and environmental hazards on a daily basis. Growing up

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Transforming Open Government through Open Mapping

Open Mapping is transforming how governments and citizens work together by allowing them to co-create and support critical government functions with geographic maps and data. The OGP Summit in Mexico City launched Open Mapping within the partnership with a series

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Roll your own OSM with Macrocosm

Last week we launched Macrocosm, a NodeJS version of the OpenStreetMap API. This is the first part of an open toolkit we are developing to make it easier to set up your own version of OpenStreetMap. Governments and NGOs manage

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“Building useful open data” in Ants’ playground

… or at least what we think about it. Continue reading on Medium »

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Scientific Computing and Open Data, 10th Modelling Day Heidelberg

Tomorrow on Dezember 3rd 2015 the “10th Modelling Day” will take place in the “Print Media Academy” in Heidelberg. Start is at 14:00pm. This years overarching topic is “Open Data”. There will be thr…

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This new tool lets you map Manchester’s new future housing and construction sites

Manchester Mapping Politics No, not this map. Image: Manchester, as it appears on Open Street Map. Everyone loves an interactive map – including, it turns out, the nice people at Manchester’s councils. We’ve written before about Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s

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Perspectives on Devo-South

1. The bids so far and mapping out our challenges Our most recent research report for Business South looked at the challenges and opportunities in central southern England – incorporating some great maps from OS – and analysed the bids so

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DataStart – Data and Themes

The DataStart information nights kicked off on Tuesday 17 November at the Pollenizer Headquarters in Sydney. We’ll be talking about how you can apply for the program, the types of ideas we’re looking for and sharing some of the resources

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