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How suitable is Environment Agency’s flood data for identifying individual properties at risk?

Post: 18 January 2015 A week ago I wrote about Environment Agency’s Risk of Flooding from Rivers and Sea (RoFRS) dataset, which has recently been released as open data. Since then Shoothill have launched a new website based on the

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Environment Agency flood risk open data: some apps and info

Post: 9 January 2014 Last month Environment Agency released Risk of Flooding from Rivers and Sea (RoFRS), their core flood risk dataset for England, as open data. The dataset is now available on EA’s DataShare page as three free products:

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It was all a dream: Land Registry’s Price Paid dataset isn’t really open data after all.

Post: 8 January 2015 Last month I sent Land Registry the following query: Land Registry’s Price Paid Data has been released under the terms of the Open Government Licence (OGL). The Open Government Licence includes an exemption for “third party rights the

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Risk of Flooding from Rivers and the Sea (RoFRS) – new Environment Agency open data release

Post: 22 December 2014 Earlier this month Environment Agency released their Risk of Flooding from Rivers and the Sea (RoFRS) datasets, previously known as NaFRA, as open data. RoFRS is EA’s core national flood risk model. I will blog about these

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Comments for City Metric article on civic open data

Post: 4 December 2014 There’s a good article by Marc Ambasna-Jones published on the City Metric site today, mainly about city-based open data stores: What has open council data ever done for us? The article includes some comments from me,

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Autumn Statement 2014 – Open Data and Data Sharing

Post: 3 December 2014 On first reading there do not appear to be any new announcements of consequence related to open data in today’s Autumn Statement. However following are a few points about data sharing etc., some of which add

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Environment Agency National Dataset List

Post: 1 December 2014 Updated 18 December 2014 with links to latest version of dataset list I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the Environment Agency’s new Data Advisory Group (EADAG). The first meeting was on 18 November (minutes

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How far can we trust open data?

Post: 29 November 2014 This post is also published on the Royal Statistical Society’s StatsLife site. How far can we trust open data? This is a trick question, of course, with no right answer. When it comes to data, “open” is mainly a

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Environment Agency Open Data: Issues and Priorities

Post: 14 November 2014 The Environment Agency have set up a new Data Advisory Group of a dozen or so volunteers. Most are external parties who have an interest in EA data, as technical experts or as existing licensees or

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