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Sharing Data In The Third Sector

Last week Bristol Girl Geek Dinners hosted another fantastic evening for nerds in the heart of Bristol. This month they brought Emma Prest of DataKind UK over from London to talk about their work. The first time I’d heard of

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Flutrack.org: Open-source and linked data for epidemiology

Chorianopoulos K, and Talvis K at Health Informatics Journal: “Epidemiology has made advances, thanks to the availability of real-time surveillance data and by leveraging the geographic analysis of incidents. There are many health information systems that visualize the symptoms of influenza-like illness on

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Europe’s Crème de la Crème of Linked Data and Semantic Web – 1st European Linked Data Award given

Europe’s Crème de la Crème of Linked Data and Semantic Web – 1st European Linked Data Award given (Vienna, 16.09.2015) The new established European Linked Data Award was given to two top projects coming from the domain of Linked Data and

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Successful webinar on Implementing Linked Data in Low Resource Conditions

Some 300 people from around the world* attended the webinar, held yesterday and hosted by ASIS&T, the Association for Information Science and Technology. The presenters, Dr. Johannes Keizer and Dr. Caterina Caracciolo, described the steps required to produce open data

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SPARQL is the new King of all Data Scientist’s tools

Inspired by the development of semantic technologies in recent years, in statistical analysis field the traditional methodology of designing, publishing and consuming statistical datasets is evolving to so-called “Linked Statistical Data” by associating semantics with dimensions, attributes and observation values

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Webinar: Implementing Linked Data in Low-Resource Conditions

Opening up and linking data is becoming a priority for many data producers because of institutional requirements, or to consume data in newer applications, or simply to keep pace with current development. Since 2014, this priority has gaining momentum with

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How The Semantic Web Can Boost Africa’s Fortunes

In recent years we’ve seen Facebook go public with a $100 billion valuation and General Motors, formerly the world’s biggest company, go effectively bankrupt and need to be bailed out. And hot digital properties like Instagram , SnapChat and WhatsApp

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Archaeology for Everyone: A Virginia Digital Repository

Hello, I’m Jolene Smith and I manage data for archaeological sites at the Virginia Department of Historic Resources (DHR). Over the next year, I’ll be working on creating a digital repository for gray literature, photos, and other files in our

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Linked Data event

Group or Branch: CILIP A brand new Executive Briefing from CILIP Events, you can register your interest by completing the form at the link below. Location London CILIP 7 Ridgmount Street WC1E 7AE London United Kingdom See map: Google Maps

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Is Structured Journalism Smarter Journalism?

As a foreign correspondent for a large news agency, I know how important it is to improve the flow of meaningful news and information to clients’ newsrooms. That task is increasingly challenging as social media (especially Twitter) and online organisations

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