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Why journalists and technologists must collaborate

The launch of the Kenya Open Data Initiative in July 2011 led to the release of hundreds of data sets which, for a few discerning journalists and editors, opened up a new way of discovering, reporting and disseminating news. From

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Mapping the marginalised: leaving no one behind in Kibera

This post, written by Elizabeth Stuart, Research Fellow, ODI, and Erica Hagen, co-founder of Map Kibera, is the eighth in our blog series which aims to explore how the Sustainable Development Goals can be drafted to include all social and economic groups.  Kibera,

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Open data means job creation, transparency and a culture shift in Kenya

With the 2015 Open Data Awards just around the corner, we catch up with Kenya Open Data Initiative, a finalist for the Open Data Publisher Award. The Open Data Awards celebrate innovation and excellence in open data across the world.

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