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International Open Data Case Study: Nepal earthquake

[Printable PDF version] Open Data’s role in Nepal’s earthquake Who: OpenStreetMap & Kathmandu Living Labs What: A crowd-sourced open data & open data source response to the Nepal earthquake Where: https://opensource.com/life/16/6/open-source-open-data-nepal-earthquake Why: Rapidly increasing the impact and speed of disaster

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Highlighting the importance of Open Access & Open Research here at Nepal

Due to the ongoing crisis situation and political instability of the country, we were unable to celebrate Open Access Week 2015 like past years. so, because of this reason we planned to organize Open Access Workshop in collaboration with Open

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Google at NTB and KLL: Collaborating for an Open Data Paradigm in Nepal

Google at Nepal Tourism Board and Kathmandu Living Labs: Collaborating for an Open Data Paradigm in Nepal   Just Google it! Now a pop culture reference point heard throughout the world, this phrase also defines the hyper-connected, continuously-innovating world of

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AidData/USAID GDL Series 3: Strengthening the “Demand Side” of Data

In the previous entry of this series, we introduced a new set of innovations that leverage hyperlocal data. However, even with the most disruptive innovations, it is difficult to effect large-scale change without an enabling ecosystem of capable users and

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“Why Should We Wait?”: Mapping for the Next Disaster

Today, AidData launches the first of a six-part podcast series to take you past the maps and dashboards on our website to the human stories at the heart of our research. Today’s episode is on the data response to the

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