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Datafication and empowerment: How the open data movement re-articulates notions of democracy, participation, and journalism

Stefan Baack at Big Data and Society: “This article shows how activists in the open data movement re-articulate notions of democracy, participation, and journalism by applying practices and values from open source culture to the creation and use of data.

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Why are the media not part of the open data conversation?

Knight International Media Innovators Data Journalism ICFJ Knight Fellow Stephen Abbott Pugh explores why the media are absent from the world of open data. In early September, hundreds of open data practitioners, civil servants, researchers, technologists and specialists in health,

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ICFJ Knight roundup: Fellows discuss African open data revolution in Tanzania

Journalism Education Knight International Media Innovators Digital Journalism Fellows talk civic tech and open data in Africa, mapping media organizations in South America, big news for a recent fellow and more from the Knight Fellows in this week’s roundup.

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On data’s role in investigative reporting: “It’s all about the evidence”

Data Journalism Investigative Reporting Writing and Editing Award-winning data journalist David Donald shares insights on how journalists can use data and numbers to augment their interviewing, writing and reporting.

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Code4Good: Using ICTs for social good in Sri Lanka

Code4Good, Sri Lanka’s first social good hackathon kicked off today, an initiative of Internews Network implemented in partnership with International Alert, and with the support of SLASSCOM, Facebook internet.org, Google Business Groups and the Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Ltd. The

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Is Structured Journalism Smarter Journalism?

As a foreign correspondent for a large news agency, I know how important it is to improve the flow of meaningful news and information to clients’ newsrooms. That task is increasingly challenging as social media (especially Twitter) and online organisations

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Want to create a more digital newsroom? Find your inner startup

On a gray day in the fall of 2013, a dozen department heads of the Dutch media company NRC huddled together in a room in Amsterdam. (Full disclosure: I was one of them.) Paintings of bygone editors of the esteemed

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A New Kind of Media Using Government Data

Eric Newburger at the Department of Commerce: “MSNBC has published a data-heavy story collection that takes advantage of the internet’s power to communicate not only faster, but in different and meaningful ways.  “The Geography of Poverty” combines narrative, data graphics, and

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Saludos – health and open data in Uruguay and Argentina

In order to provide health services to citizens the public health sector is required to collect rich and varied data pertaining to all aspects of the sector – everything from location of pharmacies, to what is in our prescriptions drugs,

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Code for Africa gets $4.7m boost from Bill and Melinda Gates foundation

Data journalism and civic technology organisation Code for Africa has received a US$4.7-million investment from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. According to a blog post written by Code for Africa head Justin Arenstein, the funding will be used to

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