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“Open data sites like nightmarish supermarkets”

Most of the open data sites that governments have created during the last decade still deliver data as sets of links to tables, or links to other sites that are also hard to comprehend. In the best cases, data is

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5 March: International Open Data Hackathon in cities all over world

On Saturday 5 March 2016, the third International Open Data Hackathon will be organised. That day in cities all over the world, local communities will host hackathons where people from civil society, government and companies collaboratively work on applications, analyses

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Open data in Austria: a strategy also shared with the private sector

Companies, NGOs, industries, research centres, scientists and citizens in Austria can now publish their own data under an open license though a dedicated portal, Martin Kaltenböck, from Austrian-based Semantic Web Company, said during the ODI Summit 2015 last November. While

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Northern Ireland launches its open data portal

Northern Ireland has officially launched its open data portal, OpenDataNI, the goal of which is to provide a global platform where public services and all governmental agencies can publish data. This CKan-based portal is now accessible through NIDirect, the official

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Rotterdam launches open LoRa network for Internet of Things

Last week, The Things Network — 010 was launched. This is an open LoRa network for the Internet of Things (IoT) in Rotterdam. It took only six weeks to get commitment from the parties involved for the purchase and placement

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How to promote open data in government through peer learning

Forging culture change can be lonely work. Working alone, or in a small team, your task is to encourage your boss, your colleagues or your community to invest in something new. Something they might not understand. Something that might be

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Ireland strengthens its Open Data strategy with a governance body and a new portal

The Irish Government opened an ‘expression of interest’ for a new open data public body in charge of the Open Data Strategy Governance and presented a new version of the national Open Data portal. These two announcements were made during

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Schiphol Airport working on open innovation

Schiphol Group, the owner and operator of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, is making its data and functionality available to the developer community. According to CIO Albert van Veen, the market — i.e. developers and users of mobile apps — is better

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Dutch minister calls for more government data to be published

Dutch government data should be made available for free to the public as much as possible. Public agencies should change their attitude towards the publishing of open data, the Dutch Minister of the Interior, Ronald Plasterk said. They are often

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La Rioja organises its first open data contest

As part of its global digital strategy, the government of La Rioja region in Spain has organised an open data contest, the goal of which is to promote the use and exploitation of data published on the regional open data

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