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Quick Play with Cayley Graph DB and Ordnance Survey Linked Data

Earlier this month Google announced the release of the open source graph database/triplestore Cayley. This weekend I thought I would have a quick look at it, and try some simple queries using the Ordnance Survey Linked Data. Cayley is written

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Visualising the Location Graph – example with Gephi and Ordnance Survey linked data

This is arguably a simpler follow up to my previous blog post, and here I want to look at visualising Ordnance Survey linked data in Gephi. Now Gephi isn’t really a GIS, but it can be used to visualise the

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All roads lead to? Experiments with Gephi, Linked Data and Wikipedia

This post was originally published at: https://johngoodwin225.wordpress.com/2014/03/26/all-roads-lead-to-experiments-with-gephi-linked-data-and-wikipedia Gephi is “an interactive visualization and exploration platform for all kinds of networks and complex systems, dynamic and hierarchical graphs”. Tony Hirst did a great blog post a while back showing how you could

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First Signs (For Me) of Linked Data Being Properly Linked…?!

John G: Tony Hirst blogs about two of my recent blogs… Originally posted on OUseful.Info, the blog…: As anyone who’s followed this blog for some time will know, my relationship with Linked Data has been an off and on again

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Tell Me About Hampshire – Linking Government Data using SPARQL federation 2

  Yesterday I blogged about how to do some SPARQL federated queries across various government websites, and this blog is a continuation of this with a different example. In this blog I give an example query which basically say ‘tell

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Federating SPARQL Queries Across Government Linked Data

SPARQL 1.1 introduces the idea of federated SPARQL queries – this enables you to execute part of your SPARQL query against a remote SPARQL endpoint. I thought I’d provide some examples of using this feature in government linked open data.

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Ordnance Survey Linked Data: The Search API

Please note in some of the examples below I have been having trouble with wordpress ‘correcting’ quote marks in my text. If you find the queries don’t work you may need to manually replace the copied quote marks from below

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Putting SPARQL on the Map with Ordnance Survey Linked Data & OS OpenSpace

A colleague was asking me if I knew how to plot SPARQL query results from the Ordnance Survey linked data onto an OS OpenSpace map. Although I’d done it a few times before, it was never something I’d blogged. So

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Ordnance Survey SPARQL Endpoint

I just wanted to quick mention one feature of the Ordnance Survey linked data SPARQL endpoints that I think it pretty neat.  Go to the SPARQL endpoint and try one of the queries from my last four blogs posts. In

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