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Students open timetables of Belgian railway company

Two students have opened the timetables of the NMBS, the Belgian railway company, as open data. App-developers can use this data to build innovative and user-friendly apps, like smartwatch-applications or even an integration in the routeplanner of Google Maps. Past

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A law for Open Transport Data in Belgium

Today is the day that the minister of the Digital Agenda Alexander De Croo announced to create a law before the summer that will oblige NMBS/SNCB to open up their data. #digitalbelgium : open data de regel voor federale overheid

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April updates

Railtime is gone! It was an app which was perceived by many users as an app which offered a better user experience than the official NMBS/SNCB app (an app bought from a German service provider which was adapted for Belgium).

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TEC and their open data policy

Last year, at Open Belgium 2014, TEC announced they would be doing Open Data. In May, the first BELTAC format was released, and not much later, we had converted it to GTFS (thanks to OpenOV): the facto standard that the

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iRail at ISWC2014

ISWC is the international conference on the Semantic Web where I’m presenting the recent development of iRail.be towards a hypermedia API. I’m hoping to gather feedback on our way of working and hope it can set an example for development

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Launch of the new iRail

Hi all! Last week we launched the new iRail. It was among other projects, like the rework of the open Summer of Code website, one of the things I was able to work on these last eight weeks as an

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TEC opens up data

It’s a great day for Open Data in Belgium. After all legal hassle with NMBS/SNCB, we can finally have a peace of mind as the Walloon bus company declares they don’t understand why it’s so difficult. This being said, the

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New: GTFS dumps

Hi all, Thanks to our Dutch friends from OpenOV, we now have a full open data set for the Belgian railway company in GTFS format. http://datahub.io/dataset/timetables-for-the-belgian-railway-company Please start using the data and provide us with feedback on the mailing list.

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