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ODI: Over £40m* value unlocked worldwide

The Open Data Institute (ODI) has announced that the total value it has helped unlock to the open data ecosystem has exceeded £40m in the three years since it opened. This includes direct income, grants and competition funding, incubated ODI

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Community sensors indicate high air pollution in Heathrow neighbourhoods

Startup OpenSensors.io calls for a democratisation of air quality data as project identifies Heathrow pollution exceeds EU limits Today, OpenSensors, an Internet of Things ODI Startup, has released alarming Heathrow air quality and noise figures, indicating possible effects on residents’

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A Shed load of ideas – Open Data Camp 2

It’s nearly two weeks since the second UK Open Data Camp – the unconference devoted entirely to open data. The first Open Data Camp was held ‘down South’ in Winchester, and this time headed ‘up North’ to Manchester. The hosts – Digital Innovation (part

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The Internet of data, analytics and Things

From new regulations governing data use for financial firms, to exploring the abilities and demographics of Superheroes – it has to be our weekly roundup of big data, analytics and IoT news (and views) from the big wide web.  

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SimCity or Smart City?

I was playing one of the games in the SimCity series recently when it struck me that this and similar games are a very good model for what we want from Smart Cities. Let me explain what I mean. All

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Bristol bids to become the UK’s IoT capital as it wins prestigious EU award

Bristol submitted a bid this week to become the UK’s first Internet of Things (IoT) Demonstrator city region generating an investment of nearly £17 million if successful. The competition is delivered by Innovate UK on behalf of the Department for

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How Santa Clara uses IoT, open data to tackle NFL invasion

When the San Francisco 49ers moved into Santa Clara’s Levi’s Stadium, the city started applying IT strategies to managing the massive crowds. (Wikimedia Commons) Handling the massive demands of a National Football League game is still a pretty new civic

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How The Semantic Web Can Boost Africa’s Fortunes

In recent years we’ve seen Facebook go public with a $100 billion valuation and General Motors, formerly the world’s biggest company, go effectively bankrupt and need to be bailed out. And hot digital properties like Instagram , SnapChat and WhatsApp

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The Urban Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is everywhere, with sensors and communication technologies embedded in all the materials of daily life. Today, the idea of the Internet of Things (IoT) is also everywhere: it is has become one of the most widely-discussed

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Share It (Data) And They Will Come: Crowdsourced Citywide IoT Network

Cities are rapidly becoming the very visible and innovative laboratories for IoT innovation, which is logical, because they’ve been in the forefront of open data. I saw this first-hand consulting for Vivek Kundra, CTO for the District of Columbia, when

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