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Open Networking Foundation supports Bristol Is Open’s Programmable City

The Open Networking Foundation (ONF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating the adoption of open Software-Defined Networking (SDN). By supporting the Bristol Is Open project they can help implement smart technology, specifically helping Bristol to meet the requirements of

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ODI selects Bristol Is Open as a Node

The Open Data Institute (ODI) have selected Bristol as a network node in its worldwide project supporting the global aim of catalysing open data culture in the UK. Founded by Sirs Tim Berners-Lee and Nigel Shadbolt, the ODI is an

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What can Open data tell us about the air we are breathing?

Bristolians who worry about the air they are breathing whilst running or cycling can now discover the facts, thanks to open data. People can find out when the best times to go are and when pollution levels are at their

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Bristol’s Obesity Map

England’s waistband is growing. Indeed, with a quarter of adults now obese (25%) and well over a third overweight (37%), the latest Parliament Obesity Statistics suggest that England is currently experiencing an obesity crisis of unseen proportions. And it’s only

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Bristol Is Open Launches The Data Dome

The Festival of the Future comes to the city from 17-20 November 2015 and as part of this, Bristol is Open will be launching the Data Dome as the latest development on Bristol’s digital scene. Information is beautiful, especially if

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In a hurry? New data reveals the best and worst days for bus travel in the city

More and more Bristolians are using bus services every day. According to this year’s Annual Bus Statistics Report from the Department for Transport, the average number of bus journeys per head reached its peak in 2014, at almost 74 bus

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The Bristol Data Dome launches this autumn

The Bristol Data Dome, housed inside At-Bristol Science Centre’s Planetarium, will be launched as part of the Festival of the Future City on Wednesday 18 November. Connected to a dedicated high performance computer at the University of Bristol, the Data

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Creating A Buzz Around Open Data

When I presented at #Opendatascotland in Edinburgh on Friday 6th Nov 2015, my topic was “Creating a buzzaround #opendata”. At the conclusion, I asked attendees what they would do to keep the buzz going in their workplace and community, and

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Cabinet Office gives ODI data innovation role

Minister indicates that the Open Data Institute has gained more traction with government The Open Data Institute (ODI) has solidified its support in government with the announcement that it has been given the lead role in developing the economic potential

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A Shed load of ideas – Open Data Camp 2

It’s nearly two weeks since the second UK Open Data Camp – the unconference devoted entirely to open data. The first Open Data Camp was held ‘down South’ in Winchester, and this time headed ‘up North’ to Manchester. The hosts – Digital Innovation (part

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