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A data storyteller: a line of code that makes data narrate stories

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Is the UK losing its lead in the open data race?

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Why luxury brands are embracing open innovation

‘Open innovation platforms help companies challenge traditional approaches and stand out from their competitors’ Traditionally, getting a competitive edge required innovating through research and development, being the first to market and ensuring strong IP protection. Open innovation, on the other

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The art of battling giants with open standards

‘To remain competitive, companies need to contest collectively by maintaining a sustainable ecosystem of partners and an open standards policy’ Everyone loves a good underdog story. Money Ball, Forrest Gump, Billy Elliot, The Lord of the Rings – the list

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Sir Tim Berners-Lee reveals the world’s most influential open data leaders

The inventor of the World Wide Web is now determined to change the world by encouraging organisations to open up data for public use Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, last night awarded the people and organisations

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